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Endless Love – Masterpiece of Colors

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Intension of the artwork

The origin of this energetic graphic implementation was a photograph of wedding rings. When asked why such a work of art developed from it, the artist once answered: “Because so much life wanted to get in there.”

The heartbeat of wild, unbridled love seems to vibrate and embedded in the circle of eternity, “Endless Love” is a work full of energy, depth and rich colors – just like love itself.

Endless love is more than a once in a lifetime adventure …


Exhibitions in Museums & Art Galleries

The work of art has already been exhibited internationally. Some examples of art exhibitions where “Endless Love” was exhibited:

  • 2012 Gallery Luda Liebe, Düsseldorf Germany
  • 2014 Art Fair Rees Lower Rhine Germany
  • 2015 Kaiser-Wilhelm Turm, Marburg Germany
  • 2016 Equip Hotel Show, Paris France
  • 2019 OpenArt Gallery, Borken near Düsseldorf Germany
  • since 2017 The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi UAE

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