Sustainable Artwork made on high quality recycled material

Nature Art - Beautiful Different - King-Penguin rare color mutation - sustainable artwork at WEF and Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco by PLATUX

„Beautiful Different“ … the rare King Penguin on South Georgia … transformed into sustainable art.

Sustainable art in harmony with Mother Nature

With a particularly rare color mutation, this king penguin becomes the ambassador of the new era. „Beautiful Different“ is the beginning of sustainable art. The beginning of sustainable and sustainable times. In the spirit of Mother Nature and all her inhabitants.

Awareness: Why is sustainable art important?

Sustainable art is important for the future, because artists are creative role models in awareness as well as rethinking. Art begins in the awareness of one’s perception. An observation, a situation, or philosophical thought that requires or promotes the idea of sustainability. Change also begins with awareness and rethinking of existing structures and processes. This review and desire to improve requires a sustainability approach from the start. Let us consider that many of the resources that our earth gives us every day are limited. These existing resources should be distributed fairly. And raw materials must not be consumed in few generation completly, since they naturally also belong to all the future generations. Above all, however, every living being has a right to clean air, clean water and healthy food.

Reconsideration: How can you make art more sustainable?

Sustainable art is created from awareness and rethinking. Overcoming old thought patterns to beginning of a creation. Leaving the mainstream in order take an interdisciplinary pole position at the cutting edge of research and technology, as well as in science. Art in the sense and benefit of Mother Earth. Art which is compatible and useful for all inhabitants: plants, animals and people. When awareness and reconsideration are taken into account, art can be more sustainable.

Sustainability: It’s about you.

We are a small piece of the puzzle in the large environmental system. Everything on this planet is lent to us in trust. We are responsible for the here and now, in the spirit of our ancestors and heirs. We are all beautiful different. Every human being, every animal and every plant is a miracle of uniqueness. Mother Nature is the most creative source at all and never creates the same twice. Therefore this King Penguin is also the ambassador for all the people who feel different. Be beautiful different. Be happy.

Approach: Sustainable Artworks and Art Collections

The artist’s approach to sustainability is on the way, not at the destination. It is the awareness and rethinking of sustainability. As well as the use of high-quality recycled materials. The artist’s approach promises the environmentally conscious collector long-term enjoyment in harmony with Mother Nature.

Solution: What is sustainable artwork?

Art based on sustainability starts with the awareness and the idea, which is reflected both in the design as well as in the selection and reduction to a few sustainable materials, implemented in a local production by sustainable companies, to be completed as sustainable art, presented in climate-neutral art exhibitions, up to the delivery via climate-neutral shipping to the art collector. The combination of all these processes can create a sustainable artwork.


During The World Economic Forum in Davos several PLATUX artworks have been presented. For example „Beautiful Different“ and the photographic artwork „Time Out“. This photo shows the climate scientist Professor Dr. Johan Rockström and Robbie Schingler Co-Founder as well as the audience together with some of the PLATUX sustainable artwork. The Green Accelerator Panel WEF Davos.

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs

Art Exhibition directory

Sothebys Auction at The Westminster Palace House of Lords London UK PLATUX Art

Art Exhibition directory since 2010

Permanent PLATUX Exhibitions

2016 – NOW extended Solo Exhibition at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

2016 – NOW The Swiss Consulate General, Dubai owns “Art Dubai Marina Skyline”

2015 – NOW The German Consulate General Sydney is hosting a 15 square meter big PLATUX Artwork, which was bought by the German Office for Foreign Affairs

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs since 2020

• During the COVID pandemic, PLATUX has focused on virtual exhibitions

• In addition, the PLATUX NFTs Collection was created and is constantly being expanded

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2019 & 2020

• 09/19/2019 – 02/29/2020 MFK International Fantastic Show of Art, Heilbronn DHBW

• 30.6. – 22.08.2019 The Open Art Gallery Germany represented the biggest PLATUX Solo Exhibition ever to now. The audience enjoyed 30 original PLATUX artworks.

• 07/2019 Historical „Trinkhalle“ Baden-Baden, PLATUX One Artist Show

• 06/2019 Under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II de Monaco, Patron 9th Global Family Office Summit Monte Carlo, PLATUX Solo Exhibition

• 05/2019 Gallery for Contemporary Photography Dr. Ingo Seufert Munich, PLATUX Solo Exhibition

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2018

• 10/2018 Grand Palais Champs-Élysées Salon D’Automne France

• 03 to 07/2018 Dubai Art Week / Swiss Tower PLATUX Exhibition

• 03/2018 Under the high patronage of H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, at the 5th Global Family Office Summit, PLATUX art was exposed

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2017

• 11/2017 art3f International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxelles

• 11/2017 MAG Montreux Art Gallery salon d’art contemporain (Mona Youssef Gallery)

• 10/2017 ART Shopping Carrousel du Louvre 2017 (Mona Youssef Gallery)

• 10/2017 XI Florence Biennale 2017 (Fortezza da Basso, Firenze)

• 09/2017 Westminster Palace – House of Lords – RNLI Charity Event

• 05/2017 extended solo exhibition in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (SwissArtGate)

• 05/2017 Index Dubai, PLATUX Luxury Art, Mother of Pearl (Zanin Venezia 1972)

• 04/2017 Cologne List Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne (Galeria Gaudi Madrid)

• 03/2017 ArtExpo Rome 2017 (Domus Romana Art Gallery, Roma)

• 2017 International Art Today 2017 – Artist Book

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2016

• 11/2016 Solo Art Exhibition Equip Hotel Paris

• 09/2016 Solo Art Exhibition Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (SwissArtGate UAE)

• 09/2016 Hotel Show Dubai – German Pavilion

• 08/2016 Art Fair Rees 2016

• 06/2016 ART Stuttgart – International Gallery Art Fair

• 06/2016 ARTMUC Munich – PLATUX @ Art Fair Munich

• 2016 International Art Today 2016 – Artist Book

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2015

• 2015 German Consulate General Sydney – Platux Artwork

• 06/2015 Solo exhibition Marburg – Kaiser Wilhelm Turm

• 2015 Louvre Paris – Art Dubai Marina Skyline

• 2015 Rees Art Fair

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2014

• 2014 Art Miami – Art takes Miami Photo Contest

• 2014 Iserlohn – USA My Way Edition (6 months)

• 2014 Art Fair Rees

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2013

• 2013 Krefeld – Südgang – art exhibition

• 2013 Dubai Art Exhibition – German Pavilion

• 05/2013 Kunstcareé Bocholt

• 04/2013 – 05/2013 Museum Rhede

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2012

• 12/2012 Wiesbaden art exhibition

• 09/2012 Dubai Art Avenue Index – German Pavilion

• 08/2012 Bocholt Exhibition – We are Bocholt!

• 08/2012 Art Fair Rees (NRZ)

• 06/2012 Gallery Luda Liebe, Düsseldorf

• 05/2012 Kunstcareé Bocholt 2012 (BBV newspaper) (BBV-Net)

• 2012 Bocholt school project (Melanchton school)

• 02/2012 MOMA Gallery Freyer – true love true art?

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2011

• 11/2011 Rhede school project photo art (Realschule Rhede)

• 10/2011 Dubai Art Avenue Index (ART PRESS)

• 08/2011 Art Fair Rees (City Gazette Rees)

• 05/2011 Bocholt retirement home (permanent exhibition 3 years)

• 05/2011 Speed ​​Exhibition (NRZ) (Rheinische Post Kultur) (City Gazette)

• 03/2011 Nuremberg Fair – PLATUX art exhibition

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs 2010

• 12/2010 Rees Art Fair

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Glamour de Paris – Louvre Museum

Glamour de Paris Louvre Museum Mona Lisa Eiffel Tower Artwork 2016 PLATUX Gallery Photo Art Mother of Pearl

Intention to the artwork:

Three extraordinary perspectives combine to form a triptych on real mother-of-pearl, which reflects the special charm of the lively city.
The sum total of fascinating places in Paris encompasses a haunting symbolism. Education, culture and lifestyle dominate, while faith, hope and love are woven in as delicate reflections of light.
The closed gate in front of the pyramid, around which the Mona Lisa has placed her hands protectively, symbolizes the shadow of time.

Mother of pearl playing with reflections

The city of love shines with its characteristic lifestyle. Sensual and original, this is reflected in mother-of-pearl.
Depending on the perspective of the viewer, elements hidden in the play of colors of the light become visible, and even the omniscient Mona Lisa suddenly smiles down from the Louvre. PLATUX artfully plays with the noble material and at the same time leaves room for the mother of pearls to develop.

This artwork has already been exhibited internationally. Some examples of art exhibitions where „Glamour de Paris“ was exhibited:

  • 2017 Florenz Biennale, Florenz Italy
  • 2017 Art-Shopping – Salon International d’art contemporain, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris France
  • 2018 Global Family Office Summit, Dubai UAE (Patronage H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan)
  • 2019  Global Family Office Summit, Monte Carlo Monaco (Patronage H.S.H. Prince Albert II. Monaco)

Louvre Museum Paris

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