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Emerging artist

Emerging artist PLATUX Influencer, photographer & designer. Art exhibitions & intercultural bridges

First of all. Maybe, it is worth to read more, because:

  • Musée du Louvre in Paris presented the Platux artwork and masterpiece „Art Dubai Marina Skyline“
  • Sotheby’s auctioneered Platux art at the „House of Lords“ in the Westminster Palace London
  • Florence Biennale awarded Platux artist with the „Lorenzo di Magnifico Award“

Therefore an emerging artists suddenly become a blue chip.

Likewise the limited PLATUX editions are serving as diplomatic bridges. The 15 m² „Art Brandenburg Gate Berlin“ in the German Consulate General in Sydney and the „Art Dubai Marina Skyline“ in the Swiss Consulate General, Dubai are perfect examples.

For instance the multidimensional Platux photo art is characterized by reflections, separations, bright shining colors full of energy and superimpositions this creates numerous levels and meanings. „His large-sized, effective images show depth“, writes the art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill about Platux artworks which are shown in the art book „International Art Today“ in 2016 & 2017. The observer is invited to step into the artwork to realize all layers and elements. Each level tells a part of the story.

All Platux artworks are created by the international known artist Andreas Denstorf. He is a german Photographer, who captures extraordinary motives, moments and different angles of view with his camera to rewrite them into iridescent stories. In keeping with the artist’s handwriting, the pseudonym PLATUX combines the philosopher Platon & Lux for the light. Enjoy Platux the international emerging artist & blue chip.

L’Royal & Galerie.Art are presenting Platux alternative art investments in:

Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Croatia, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Togo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, Canada, Maldives, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Even more, Art is a lifetime investment.